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We believe that a university's student support services are the first line of defense against attrition. To increase student retention, StudyTree intelligently engages students with academic resources such as peer tutors, study groups, workshops, supplementary material and more. Ultimately, a strong learning community, created around support services, drives individual success.

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Artificial Intelligence

We strive to understand how each student consumes, retains, and applies information. StudyTree builds personalized learning profiles from data acquired in the learning management system, student information system, and student surveys.

Adaptive and Personalized Learning

StudyTree analyzes student performance and dynamically creates study groups based on individual students needs.

Smart Scheduling

Scheduling time to collaborate can be difficult. StudyTree compares student schedules and suggest optimal times to form study groups, review course material, and meet with a peer tutor.


Data collected by StudyTree will help administrators better understand how resources are being used, and track student progress.

Learn how StudyTree is creating rich learning communities.

Student Centric One Mobile Platform For All Academic Resources

Students can connect with academic resources using their mobile devices. StudyTree identifies weak course areas among students, then issue out resources. For example, if a student begins to struggle in a math course, StudyTree can create a study group, invite students using push notifications, and assign tutors to facilitate the session.

Improve Student Retention

One third of freshman do not return. StudyTree retains students and propels their success.

Build a Learning Community

Students connect through StudyTree, build friendships, and enhance their college experience at your institution.

Administrator Platform Manage And Analyze Resources

StudyTree allows administrators to on-board tutors and track student progress. Administrators have access to valuable data that is collected outside of the classroom.

Educating students about support services usually consist of sending out mass emails or flyers. StudyTree bundles the education process into a simple to use mobile app. All support services can be found and accessed through our intuitive platform.

Students can use StudyTree to find all the resources distributed across your campus. They will be able to view study groups, SI meetings, peer-tutoring, TA office hours and more.

There is no question that students adopt and use on-demand peer-to-peer platforms. Support services are no different. Administrators are able to enable our peer-to-peer support system, allow students to engage in on-demand peer tutoring.