Costs, peer collaboration, technology, and more solutions for higher-ed administrators

  1.   Costs

According to a 2014 Forbes survey, the number one issue facing the majority of colleges and universities is the issue of balancing budgeting and costs.  Currently, higher educational institutions around the country spend thousands of dollars on the upkeep and maintenance of physical tutoring departments.  When every penny counts, StudyTree is a solution.  Combining our intrinsically cost-effective, on-demand platform and finance dashboard that allows administrators to monitor tutoring expenses, colleges and universities can save thousands of dollars—all while making a huge impact on the positive academic success of their students.  

  1.    Sustainable Implementation Strategies

Let’s face it; as more individuals and firms begin to realize both the economic and environmental long run benefits of internal sustainability, sustainable architecture will become the new normal.  Some universities, such as Drexel University, are heavily focused on innovation and sustainable features within all buildings; however, the vast majority of colleges and universities are having trouble shifting to more sustainable implementation strategies.  StudyTree can help.  By combining a user-friendly interface with an intuitive online platform, StudyTree can help save money that would typically be spent on maintenance and construction of physical tutoring centers: saving colleges and universities thousands while helping to instill a sustainable mindset.

  1.   Balancing Research Opportunities with a Commitment to Education

With 73% of students attending universities that conduct some degree of research (, many universities are faced with a dilemma: how to effectively balance time and expenditures to advance both internal research and education.  With the ever important concept of ranking in the minds of nearly all college and university administrators, this dilemma can be difficult.  StudyTree can actually benefit both aspects: research and education.  With StudyTree’s intuitive A.I. platform, professors, administrators, and tutors can accurately pinpoint problem areas within a student’s and/or class’s lesson comprehension and develop strategic personal and group study plans.  With quicker access to and termination of problem areas, professors can spend less time analyzing class performance and more time incorporating their personal or field research into the class curriculum—comprehensively advancing both research and education.

  1.    Initiating Peer Collaboration

As author and spiritual master, Dr. Amit Ray, was famously quoted as saying, “The wind, bees and flowers work together to spread the pollen.”—as is the same in the realm of higher education.  Unfortunately, many university students have admitted to experiencing a gap between their academic issue and the availability of their respective professors.  StudyTree can strategically mend this gap in a manner that benefits all aspects of the university community.  With our collaborative view toward on-demand tutoring, students can work directly with their peers who have previously excelled in the same courses they find difficulty in—fostering an enriching and dynamic tutoring experience.  Nevertheless, students are not the only individuals who can benefit from StudyTree’s innovative approach to tutoring.  Professors can also analyze the academic performance of their classes through StudyTree’s intuitive grade recording.  Therefore, professors can now pinpoint and focus directly on aspects of their lectures that the majority of students find difficulty in—effectively allowing the wind, bees and flowers to collaboratively spread the pollen.  

  1.     Implementation of Technology Within the Classroom

Colleges and universities around the country are attempting to enrich their students educational experiences by integrating progressive technologies into the classroom.  Examples of these new implementations include electronic textbooks and even downloadable lecture podcasts such as the ones that Georgetown University is currently in the process of integrating.  However, one of the biggest problems universities face is changing the culture and mindset of education.  Adrian Sannier, vice president, university technology officer and professor of computing studies at Arizona State University optimistically stated, “ We need some lighthouse institutions to do some amazing things with these technologies in classrooms and change them, and then to propagate those.”  StudyTree can allow you college or university to become that “lighthouse institution”.  StudyTree’s progressive highly technological platform has been received well at numerous innovative institutions such as Drexel University.  Now, the only question is, will your college or university become the trailblazer or will it be left in the dust by other institutions who have acted on this new wave of progressive technology?

By: Joe Snyder

5 Benefits of Using an On-Demand Tutoring Platform at your Higher Ed Institution

  1.     Increased student retention and academic success rates

According to a study conducted by, an average of 30% of college students drop out before their Sophomore year in colleges and universities across the nation.  What’s more, is that only 56% of American colleges and universities students graduate within six years— as was concluded by a 2012 Harvard University study.  The top reason why such a staggering percentage undergraduate students drop out is due to the difficulty in balancing school, work, and family/social life.  This is a testament to the importance of convenient, on-demand tutoring to aid students who require the proper academic assistance.  

  1.    Help where and when it’s needed

Convenience and accessibility… These are two words that all college students love to hear.  When it comes to balancing the demands of both a hectic academic and social life, some college students find themselves falling through the cracks.  Whether it’s 2:00 P.M. on a Sunday or 3:00 a.m. on a Wednesday, on-demand tutors are prepared to assist university students with a wide variety of subjects.

  1.    Fosters an engaging learning environment

As the old adage goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”; on demand tutors not only serve as a convenient academic resource, but also equip university students with the tools necessary for success on a collegiate level.  Since StudyTree works in partnership with the university, the tutors are also direct peers; tutees have the unique opportunity to positively interact with their tutors who have taken many of the same classes they are currently taking.  This educational environment helps to foster the perfect climate for tutee engagement and academic success.

  1.    Mutually improves self esteem

As famed French essayist, Joseph Joubert once said, “To teach is to learn twice”.  Too often, we see the one-sided benefits of tutoring.  However, on-demand tutoring allows both tutors and tutees to academically and emotionally flourish.  As tutors have taken or are taking the same collegiate level classes as their tutees at the same university, both parties are able to mutually benefit by either teaching and learning a wide variety of subjects.  This unique process of fostering knowledge and positive social interaction empowers both parties to feel more confident inside and outside the classroom.  

  1.    Ability to reach more students who need academic help

Let’s face it…  What do college students love more than socializing?  Academics, of course!  Well, maybe for some… but technology!  Cell phone, laptop, tablet, and now smartwatch usage is pervasive amidst all college campuses across America.  Using an on-demand, app-based tutoring solution helps tutors and tutees to connect and arrange meetings faster than ever before.  Sorry, Johnny—now there’s no excuse for procrastinating and not understanding the subject material for your 8:00 A.M. exam tomorrow.  There will always be an on-demand tutoring ready to assist you at your convenience!


By: Joe Snyder

Introduction to StudyTree (from a current user)

What is StudyTree?

StudyTree is a platform that creates a peer-to-peer learning community on institutional campuses.  


How does it work?

Students use their smartphones to make requests and university tutors are notified instantly. They can instant-message, meet up and start the study session.  From StudyTree’s website,  administrators can manage their tutors and view all the data analytics on the tutoring sessions.


What can it do for my school?

StudyTree can handle the entire process of managing your tutors as well as creating a dynamic system helping your students get as much tutoring help as possible using their mobile devices. With the review system, you can see which tutors are doing outstanding work and address those not doing the best work for your students.


What has it been doing at other schools?

At Drexel, it has helped the LeBow Business school streamline the process of tutoring. Even now, sessions are being created everyday for Math, Econ, Business, and various other majors.


Who are they talking to right now?

StudyTree is currently talking to Temple University, Messiah College, DeSales University, and Montgomery Community College.