This One Overlooked Tip Can Save Your College Thousands

It’s a new year or a new semester. As an administrator, you have your goals and your priorities. You want to execute on your tasks and improve your institution and the experience for students. But there’s one slight problem: Money (or the lack of it).

It’s true. StudyTree has found via interviews with Academic Resources administrators that the lack of resources is the biggest problem holding back programs from successfully helping students.

Some Academic Resources Departments need to hire another staff member and others need to increase the pay of tutors to incentivize student-peers to join. Whatever it is, it seems like your department is always getting the short-stick.

But what if I told you that there was a way to save big without having to make any tradeoffs? What if I told you your department could have a cache of thousands of extra dollars? After finding this lost money, maybe your department could finally purchase that new Keurig machine that only Admissions has.

StudyTree has the solution: space. Save money by saving space, big time. Your Tutoring Center costs thousands of dollars each year to maintain. Electricity, security, custodians, you name it. It all takes valuable resources away from your department that you could be spending on other priorities.

Here at StudyTree, we think big by breaking down walls and we think you should do the same.

With the StudyTree platform, you no longer need a large Tutoring Center that holds appointments between students and tutors. Why can’t students and tutors meet at the dorm lounge or at the nearby coffee-shop? These places are much more conducive to learning anyways because they are more relaxed and welcoming.

StudyTree makes in-person meetings at better locations possible. It uses a mobile app to connect students and tutors, so they can choose exactly where and when to meet. As an administrator, you can monitor everything via our administrator portal. You don’t lose on the tutoring service but you save big on the tutoring space.
Let StudyTree save you thousands. Save money by saving space and minimize the size of the Tutoring Center. Facilitate more authentic meetings in peer to peer tutoring. All with the touch of a button.

By: Sohum Daftary

5 Ways On-demand Tutoring Can Improve Student Retention Rates

  1.   Keeps students engaged

What’s more effective than personalized tutoring?  Well… nothing!  StudyTree’s face-to-face, on-demand tutoring solution allows tutees to engage directly their tutors through customized sessions that directly accommodate the tutee’s distinctive needs.  Many online tutoring platforms are efficient in providing students with the necessary academic assistance, however, are unable to directly engage with students in a personalized manner.  With the added benefit of working with tutors who have experienced the same classes as their tutees, students in need of academic assistance can rest assured in knowing that their unique learning styles will be accommodated on a case by case basis.

  1.    Keeps students motivated

Academic failure can be a slippery slope.  Especially in fast-paced universities with quarter-based terms, recovery from one bad grade can be extremely difficult.  In college—just as in high school—academic subject material builds upon previous lectures.  Students who struggle with the comprehension of foundational information can experience issues pervading the entire term: effectively digging a deeper proverbial “hole”.  This can directly cause students to feel as if there is no way out of their academic predicament.  With the easily accessible nature of StudyTree’s on-demand tutoring solution, students can receive the academic help they need before their issues are compounded.    

  1.    Boosts self-esteem

Have you ever studied really hard for a quiz or an exam and then were devastated to find out that you completely bombed it?  Many college students, across the country, dedicate hours to prepare for their important graded assignments, just to discover that the grade they earned didn’t accurately reflect the work they put into the subject.  With StudyTree, this struggle can finally be eliminated.  All of our dedicated tutors have excelled in the same classes that their tutees are struggling with: adding both personalization and dynamism to their mission of tutee empowerment.

  1.   Fosters involvement within college/university community

Detachment from the university community is one of the biggest reasons why some students have trouble adjusting to college life.  Many students, especially freshman who are unaccustomed to the demands of a higher education, struggle with balancing both their social and academic life.  Often times, the latter concern takes precedence—which directly impacts the social involvement of that student.  StudyTree has developed a solution that allows upperclassmen university students to directly tutor fellow students around campus who are struggling academically.  Creating these on-campus, mentor-like relationships foster both a student’s social and academic life by enriching his or her comprehensive college experience.  Many students, who were once tutees, have been so positively impacted by on-demand tutoring that they have aspired to become tutors themselves.  It’s a win-win, right?

  1.  Takes the stigma out of tutoring

Academic competitiveness is not just reserved for the top-tier and Ivy League Institutions.  Many college and university students avoid seeking help for their academic short-fallings due to feelings of weakness or inferiority: only making their problems worse.  On-demand tutoring can help ease these students’ minds by providing them with the best possible academic assistance whenever and wherever it is needed.  With a team of fellow students always ready and able to assist students, StudyTree has effectively taken the “tension” out of retention!

By: Joe Snyder

5 Ways On-Demand Tutoring Platforms Can Benefit Transfer Students

  1. Easier Adaption into University Environment

One of the biggest concerns that face college and university transfer students is adapting to a new learning and social environment.  In the process of becoming accustomed to life at a new institution, many transfer students have experienced a phenomenon known as “transfer shock” where one’s academic success, social life, or both can suffer.  But don’t fear, because on-demand tutoring can help!  With the accommodation of college students’ schedules perpetually in the minds of on-demand tutors, transfer students can rest assured that their academic endeavors will be a success.

  1. Forms Relationships Between Tutor and Tutee

One hurdle that transfer students must overcome is forming a new social circle within their new college or university.  This process can often be very difficult for some transfer students.  Many students that use on-demand tutoring have been able to naturally form personal relationships with their tutors who often act as mentors both inside and outside the classroom.  StudyTree has developed a strategy that allows high-performing students to tutor their peers at their own universities.  This effectively benefits both parties on both an academic and social level… because what’s college without network building?

  1.  Peer Guidance

Before new transfer students enter the gates of a new college or university, they may have experienced issues with the transferring of credits between their previous institution and their current one.  Further, he or she may try to spend their first term “re-earning” those lost credits.  With the struggle of assimilation looming in the minds of all transfer students, a heavy course load at a new institution may not bode well.  Thankfully, with on-demand tutoring, new transfer students can seek convenient academic assistance from current student tutors who can help them with their course loads and in developing a strategic plan of study.  Tutors can also mentor new transfer students by helping them to balance their credits effectively and understand the rigors of certain courses based on their previous experiences.  

  1. Benefits Community College Transfer Students

For some transfer students who previously attended a two-year higher-ed institution, the shift into a four-year college or university can be disorienting to say the least.  Some universities, such as the University of Virginia (UVA), require transfer students to maintain a minimum GPA.  In the case of UVA, transfer students are expected to maintain at least a 3.4 GPA.  For some newly transferred community college students, balancing a new social and academic life at a four-year institution can be extremely difficult.  StudyTree’s individualized approach to on-demand tutoring can assist students who are in need of academic help on a case by case basis–leaving no student behind.

  1.  Increases Transfer Student Involvement

Some students who transfer between universities find trouble involving themselves within their new campus environment.  Many students who work as on-demand tutors were once tutees themselves!  The tutoring process, that StudyTree focuses on, is both individualized and tutee focused which often inspires tutees to get involved in their campus as on-demand tutors.  Engaged students are happy students, and happy students make for a much better university environment!

By: Joe Snyder