Why only have a Smart Board when you can have a Smart School?

The 21st Century holds some of the most innovative technology. Self-driving cars. Online platforms that connect millions of people. Supercomputers that can fit in your pockets. Even students have the newest face recognition and artificial intelligence technology on their iPhone apps.

With all the innovation in technology, why are schools still believing that their years old Smart Board technology puts them on the cutting edge? Is the higher education sector satisfied with inefficiency, lower quality, and higher costs? We don’t think so.

At StudyTree, we believe it’s time for an upgrade. It’s time to move from the Smart Board to the Smart School and let technology do work for you. Here are three ways a Smart School can instantly make your institution the leader in innovation.

1. Learn how your students learn

With artificial intelligence, your school can analyze thousands of students and how each one of them uses your school’s resources. What are the best practices that top students do before their exams? What study tools should a B student use to get an A on the test? Artificial intelligence combines psychology, computer science, and statistics to give your school the edge.

2. Dynamic Scheduling

Predictive computational technology can learn the habits of students and propose schedules that work for them. Have a student-athlete? Not a problem. Dynamic scheduling can look at past athletes and determine what schedule has led to the greatest student-athlete success. Involved in many clubs? Dynamic scheduling can match your schedule with those of faculty in order to make sure students can essential office hours while making sure they can contribute to campus.

3. Student Grades and Retention

While it’s impossible for an administrator to find patterns in millions of data points, it’s very possible for a computer to do the same. Recent advances in pattern finding mean that your school can now detect amazing occurrences, like when during a lecture do students peak in interest or boredom? What methods should faculty use to regain student engagement? What concepts should TA’s go over in recitation based on data from the lecture? These questions can save hours of work from faculty and administrators all while driving down costs and increasing efficiency. Over the past decades, schools have moved from blackboards to whiteboards to Smart Boards. It’s now time for the Smart School, an immersive, data-driven institution that can bring your school to the next level. These few tips demonstrate how artificial intelligence can upgrade your school. Use technology to help your institution. Enter into the 21st Century.

By: Sohum Daftary

How Artificial Intelligence and Strategic Informatics Will Revolutionize Higher Education

1. What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is better than computers making tediously manual work exponentially easier? Well, not that much… Simply put, artificial intelligence—commonly known as AI – attempts to fulfill the basic tasks, by means of computers, that previously could only be conducted by monotonous human intelligence. For instance, tasks such as composing informational schematics based on the compilation of a college or university class’s exam scores could now be accurately and beautifully created by our intuitive AI platform. This is just one of the many ways that StudyTree is truly revolutionizing the higher educational platform.

2. Predictive Analysis

Have you ever wondered how much you would have to study for a subject in order to perform well on an exam. Wonder no more. StudyTree’s growing AI platform is incorporating some really cutting-edge features such as predictive grade analysis that will allow both students and professors alike to prepare efficiently for exams. Based on previous academic results and trends, StudyTree’s AI platform will be able to strategically forecast exam results and provide insights into to most impactful ways of exam preparation.

3. Preparatory Organization

Imagine… You’re sitting at your dorm room desk cracking open your textbook in preparation for the following week’s looming exam. As you tediously flip page by page through textbook sections and class notes, you may begin asking yourself, “There has got to be a more efficient way of studying this information.” Well now there its a more efficient way. Not only will StudyTree’s AI platform be intuitive enough to predict exam scores, but it can also use a wide variety of grading variables and established informatics to organize your weekly schedule will a customizable list of advantageous study activities. For instance, Monday will be a self-study day; Tuesday will be a group-
study session; Wednesday, a one-on-one tutoring day; a meeting with your professors office hour slot on Thursday; and finally, on Friday, the exam. StudyTree’s AI platform will be able to strategically and comprehensively predict a students exam score as he or she attends or misses each study activity to allow the student to feel comfortable and prepared for his or her next exam.

4. Collaborative Learning

One of StudyTree’s main focuses is to foster relationships within the higher educational community. We firmly believe that, through academic and social collaboration, amazing things can be accomplished. This is why StudyTree’s AI platform will be directly geared toward enhancing the college and university learning environment through synergetic teamwork. By allowing students to introduce their schedule into the AI platform, a strategically planned study program will be provided along with a predictive grade analysis. The majority of study strategies included in the study plan will involve aspects of collaborative education such as group study sessions, one-on-one tutoring meetings, and appointment with professors. No longer will you have to feel alone in the studying process, because now, there’s StudyTree.

5. Guaranteed Results

How are both diligent and dedicated students and teachers similar? They both love homework? Well, maybe… but generally, both good students and teachers strive for success! There is not a much worse feeling in the world than working for something and not seeing results; however, this is something that StudyTree is working to change. By compiling the most effective study plans and strategies, students can now feel calm, prepared, and confident for anything their academic lives may throw at them. Similarly, professors will benefit from StudyTree’s easily interpretable yet detailed informatics – displaying the analysis of class performance. Now, professors can focus directly on subject materials that have proven troublesome to their students. In this advanced interactive environment – fostered and cultivated by StudyTree – both students and professors can rest assured in knowing that academic success can always accompany hard work and dedication.

By: Joe Snyder