Yoshi’s Story

I’m a St. Paul, Minnesota native and attended Tartan Senior High School just outside of the city. After graduation I decided to enlisted in The United States Army. I picked up a lot of valuable habits and philosophies, but I wanted more. So, during my four year tenure in the military, I decided that I wanted to further my education at Drexel University. It was a pretty big step transitioning from the military to not just civilian life, but into academia. I was out of school for more than four, almost five years now. My memory for basic algebra severely needed a refresher. I think the biggest obstacle during this transition was the inability to keep up with my classmates. I knew I needed an outlet or some kind of solution to help my full acclimation into academia. StudyTree was actually an extremely useful tool for me to overcome these obstacles.

The GI Bill that paid for my tuition and expenses here at Drexel required me to maintain a 2.5 GPA every term. I’ll admit I came close to losing eligibility for the GI Bill with a 2.8 GPA during my Winter and Spring term. Conveniently the one term that I decided to use StudyTree’s resources, I finished with a 3.5 GPA and 3.9 the following term.

After realizing how viable the platform was to my success I thought it would be a great tool for my social fraternity. As Vice President of Tau Kappa Epsilon, I am responsible for the academic performance of my fraternity’s members. I figure StudyTree would be a great platform to design our chapter’s academic program around. We immediately saw StudyTree as a perfect fit for the fraternity’s academic program. A lot of fraternities have some halfway programs for their members who are academically under performing. I know before adopting StudyTree, our chapter’s academic program consisted of a study session at the library once, maybe twice a week for those under performing members. This was supposed to help increase their academic performance but no one had the same concentration or worked at different paces. The only thing we were really accomplishing with this method was fulfilling the required study time; completely disregarding of how the members performed. Since integrating StudyTree into our academic program, our average GPA has increased from 2.8 in 2014 to a 3.1 by the end of 2015.

It is such an easy platform for our members to get the help that they need. Our members who are performing well academically are also able to apply through the university to tutor other students as an outreach initiative to increase our chapter’s campus engagement. It’s a pretty versatile application for greek chapters to increase their campus engagement but most importantly improve their membership’s academic performance. The absolute last thing we want is to remove a member for under performing in the classroom. We as the greek community pride ourselves in our performance on campus and StudyTree is a great tool for our academic success.

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