5 Benefits of Using an On-Demand Tutoring Platform at your Higher Ed Institution

  1.     Increased student retention and academic success rates

According to a study conducted by CollegeAtlas.org, an average of 30% of college students drop out before their Sophomore year in colleges and universities across the nation.  What’s more, is that only 56% of American colleges and universities students graduate within six years— as was concluded by a 2012 Harvard University study.  The top reason why such a staggering percentage undergraduate students drop out is due to the difficulty in balancing school, work, and family/social life.  This is a testament to the importance of convenient, on-demand tutoring to aid students who require the proper academic assistance.  

  1.    Help where and when it’s needed

Convenience and accessibility… These are two words that all college students love to hear.  When it comes to balancing the demands of both a hectic academic and social life, some college students find themselves falling through the cracks.  Whether it’s 2:00 P.M. on a Sunday or 3:00 a.m. on a Wednesday, on-demand tutors are prepared to assist university students with a wide variety of subjects.

  1.    Fosters an engaging learning environment

As the old adage goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”; on demand tutors not only serve as a convenient academic resource, but also equip university students with the tools necessary for success on a collegiate level.  Since StudyTree works in partnership with the university, the tutors are also direct peers; tutees have the unique opportunity to positively interact with their tutors who have taken many of the same classes they are currently taking.  This educational environment helps to foster the perfect climate for tutee engagement and academic success.

  1.    Mutually improves self esteem

As famed French essayist, Joseph Joubert once said, “To teach is to learn twice”.  Too often, we see the one-sided benefits of tutoring.  However, on-demand tutoring allows both tutors and tutees to academically and emotionally flourish.  As tutors have taken or are taking the same collegiate level classes as their tutees at the same university, both parties are able to mutually benefit by either teaching and learning a wide variety of subjects.  This unique process of fostering knowledge and positive social interaction empowers both parties to feel more confident inside and outside the classroom.  

  1.    Ability to reach more students who need academic help

Let’s face it…  What do college students love more than socializing?  Academics, of course!  Well, maybe for some… but technology!  Cell phone, laptop, tablet, and now smartwatch usage is pervasive amidst all college campuses across America.  Using an on-demand, app-based tutoring solution helps tutors and tutees to connect and arrange meetings faster than ever before.  Sorry, Johnny—now there’s no excuse for procrastinating and not understanding the subject material for your 8:00 A.M. exam tomorrow.  There will always be an on-demand tutoring ready to assist you at your convenience!


By: Joe Snyder

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