Fighting The Stigma Around Tutoring

Let’s face it… There is a real issue pervading college and university campuses around the country.  No, we’re not talking about the lack of adequate parking or the majority of students’ dwindling personal checking accounts.  This is actually an issue that institutions can help to solve today: some students’ concerns with seeking academic help through tutoring.

Academic and social competitiveness is not something esoteric to only Ivy League and top-tier institutions.  College and university students—around the country—are in constant competition for fellowships, internships, school club memberships, and ultimately career positions.  There is no doubt that nearly everything that requires an application asks for the applicants GPA: like the widely known college motto goes, “pain is temporary, GPA is forever”.   

We’ve all been there… Caffeine coursing through our veins, preparing for the our hardest classes’ high-stakes final exam and realizing how little we understand.  In some instances, this situation can be so bad that we can’t even begin to pinpoint what we do and don’t understand.   This “pain” or intense preparation for quizzes, exams, and other graded assignments can sometimes be the demise of college or university students who don’t understand the required study material.  Often times, in these unfortunate situations—when everything is on the line—some highly competitive students may view reaching out for a tutor’s help as acceptance of “defeat” or “weakness”.  Thankfully, this pervasive sentiment can be a thing of the past with on-demand tutoring.

We must not forget that tutoring isn’t always about academic assistance.  Often times, professors are receptive and an accessible resource for academic assistance; however, some students may feel uncomfortable or perhaps even too “shy” to directly consult their professors.  Sometimes, tutoring is about confidentially lending an ear or providing students with helpful advice to get them through the most stressful of times during the term.  Regardless of the circumstances, StudyTree realizes the intrinsic benefits of peer to peer academic collaboration.

With our application, students have access to a wealth of peer tutors who are ready and able to assist them at any time of day or night.  Whether a student is in urgent need of academic help for that high-stakes, 8:00 A.M. exam, or simply someone to discuss their concerns with; students can rest assured in knowing that their experience will be collaborative, interactive, and confidential.  
StudyTree’s on-demand tutoring solution is completely different from the conventional and often archaic tutoring centers used in colleges and universities across the country.  StudyTree has a solution: by strategically combining convenience and accessibility with an intuitive and interactive interface and a design chic enough to please the trendiest of students, we can foster a confidential, peer to peer, and academically enriching environment that can empower students to break their cycle of academic issues—all by the use of their computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

By: Joe Snyder

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