Introduction to StudyTree (from a current user)

What is StudyTree?

StudyTree is a platform that creates a peer-to-peer learning community on institutional campuses.  


How does it work?

Students use their smartphones to make requests and university tutors are notified instantly. They can instant-message, meet up and start the study session.  From StudyTree’s website,  administrators can manage their tutors and view all the data analytics on the tutoring sessions.


What can it do for my school?

StudyTree can handle the entire process of managing your tutors as well as creating a dynamic system helping your students get as much tutoring help as possible using their mobile devices. With the review system, you can see which tutors are doing outstanding work and address those not doing the best work for your students.


What has it been doing at other schools?

At Drexel, it has helped the LeBow Business school streamline the process of tutoring. Even now, sessions are being created everyday for Math, Econ, Business, and various other majors.


Who are they talking to right now?

StudyTree is currently talking to Temple University, Messiah College, DeSales University, and Montgomery Community College.


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